Cessi video presentation

The production of pasta is covered by MPC Cessi, which also includes a mill, bakery and patisserie.

Pastry production:

Slovakia's oldest, largest and most modern pastry production started to operate in February 1966. MPC CESSI a.s. has introduced six generic variations of pasta - eggless, with egg, graham, semolina, wholegrain and with eggs made from fresh eggs, all according to the world's healthy nutrition trends. Depending on their shape, consumers choose from small pasta, medium to long pasta. The highest quality standard which we have faith in for over four decades helps maintain state-of-the-art pasta production technology at nearly 100 degrees Celsius.


The heritage of milling craft in the heart of Spiš is being passed for 200 years. Its current successor is the mill plant MPC CESSI a.s., which was put into operation in 1950. The modern mill has undergone innovations in value of millions of EUR in the past years in order to preserve its quality even in the case of large-scale production while keeping pace with the world trends. The most remarkable novelty is the possibility of enriching flour directly in the mill with rare additives that increase their creditworthiness especially for healthy lifestyle followers. Spišský mlyn is also a unique within whole Slovakia in the milling of the so-called hard wheat from which semolina products are processed.

Bakery with confectionery:

Monthly we prepare 350 tons of bakery products. The main assortment consists mainly of bread with different flavor variations. The rich portfolio adds almost four dozen ordinary and fine pastries, various steamed and fried products. All bakery products are prepared according to traditional recipes. The essence of quality is delivered to them by state-of-the-art technology. The novelty is the innovative freezing technology of products that we want to meet the demand of customers for always fresh products, 365 days a year.